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High Pressure Drain Jetting

Sherborne Drainage High Pressure Drain Jetting is used to clear blockages and pipework. A Jetter hose is fed into the pipe and the water pressure is released, allowing the hose to travel through the pipes, and then through the blockage. This method breaks down, cleans and clears all the debris, allowing the pipework to flow free again. Jetting is carried out using our on-site Jetting Van with its own water supply. A variety of different heads are carried allowing the operator to select the right one for the job

Other Services

- Pipework general clean includes, pipework clean and minor debris removal such as leaves

- Pipework descale using our specialised cutting head, the high pressure water jet spins and cuts through scale within your pipework

- Site maintenance package including, Pipework deep clean, de-scale and "push & Look" inspection. this service is aimed at Pubs, Restaurants and small businesses

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