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Soakaway Construction & Installation

We offer a percolaton service where we dig a 1-2 metre deep hole and carry out a filtration test over a 24 hour period. This determines the size your soakaway needs to be for the coverage area. Once the filtration results are confirmed we will then offer a fixed quotation to install the new soakaway.


Blocked Soakaway 

Silt, sludge and leaves accumulate over time in soakaway inlet pipes leading to surface water flooding and damage. We solve most soakaway blockages quickly and easily using our micro high pressure water jetting system. This uses a high pressure water jet to work through the drainage/blockages and uses the back wash from the jet to clear blockages away. For more complex blockages our specialist drainage technicians may need to carry out a CCTV drain inspection to identify specific issues or damage.


Soakaway Repair or Replacement

Older soakaways may cease to function effectively. In these cases we may be able to repair the soakaway. No dig technology can limit disruption. In some cases it may be necessary to install a new soakaway system.


Sewage Treatment Plants

In the event a septic tank / soakaway is not suitable to use then we can offer advice on sewage treatment installations. The systems have low daily running costs and are a good solution for domestic dwellings that don't have access to mains drainage. A Klargester / BioDisc provides a reliable, efficient and environmentally safe solution for your sewage disposal needs.


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